Sandblasted Signs

600_myrtle-beach-signs-56Sandblasted signs are a natural and beautiful way to create the permanent custom store signage, custom restaurant signage and custom development I.D. signage that is both elegant and functional. At Seaboard Signs & Engraving, Inc., we offer two types of custom sandblasted signs: Western Red Cedar and High Density Urethane (HDU). Both Western Red Cedar and HDU can be used to create custom sandblasted signage that truly is both natural and beautiful and will have a lasting impact on your existing and potential customers.

Western Red Cedar is a warmly-colored and easily-finished wood that not only uses less energy to create than materials such as concrete or steel, but can convey a “green” or “environmentally-friendly” positioning for your organization when used – as it is the world’s only renewable building material. HDU is a lightweight material which does not rot, split, crack, warp, accept moisture and is chemically resistant. In locations with high levels of precipitation, sea mists or humidity, HDU signage can be a great solution for your custom sandblasted signage needs. Both Western Red Cedar signage and HDU signage can be handcrafted into various shapes & sizes and can use multiple dimensional relief techniques. Seaboard Signs & Engraving, Inc.’s professional sandblasted signage staff can design, manufacture and install any Western Red Cedar or HDU sandblasted sign.

Not sure how sandblasted signage is created or are unsure why custom sandblasted signage will help set your company apart from your competition? A sandblasted sign is created by “blasting away” the background of a sign, resulting in the creation of a beautiful wood grain texture. The sign border, sign graphics, sign logos and sign lettering remain raised, creating a classy, multidimensional look. Whether creating a sandblasted sign from Western Red Cedar or HDU, the look of a custom sandblasted sign will help brand your company as detail-oriented and one that cannot be outclassed. When creating custom sandblasted signage, Seaboard Signs & Engraving, Inc. uses many sandblasting techniques, including: custom engraving, gold leaf lettering, custom 3-D design elements, and in some cases, custom hand carving.

Professionally sandblasted signs can provide years of outdoor durability, which is an important factor to be considered when making signage decisions. Although custom sandblasted signage can appear more expensive when compared to other types of signage options, custom sandblasted signs can be a cost-effective business solution when taking into account how often you may have to replace less expensive types of signage. Depending on your organization’s budgeting requirements, Seaboard Signs & Engraving, Inc. can help provide a custom sandblasted signage solution perfect for your company’s needs. Please Contact Us today for more information about custom sandblasted signage from Seaboard Signs & Engraving, Inc.

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